5 Great Reasons to start a Side Hustle


There’s no set definition to the term but Forbes defines the ‘side hustle’ as “a secondary revenue stream to your full time job”.  It doesn’t have to be a full-blown business but maybe a small project that you tend to. Indeed, the idea of having a side project has gained so much traction that an estimated one-third of millennials have a side-gig to accompany their full-time job.   Below are five reasons why you should embrace the side hustle.

  • An outlet to embrace your passions

For as long as you can remember, there’s always been that niggling need to bake cakes in your spare time.  Or maybe making jewellery or other crafts.  Take some time to start doing what you love in the evenings and weekends.  Whilst it doesn’t have to be every day and for hours on end, just an hour or two out of a Sunday afternoon or evening would suffice as a good start.  You could set up an Etsy shop or go to local markets to sell your collection.  It may not be super lucrative initially, but it at least allows you to build your dreams in a productive way.  I started off investing my spare cash, joining the Royal Navy Reserves and now blogging in my spare time.  What are you passionate about?

  • Great for the CV

Volunteer work, travel, reading.  These are the bog standard things that most people are going to list on their CVs under other interests.  What about a fitness blog attracting 10K followers? Or perhaps you’ve begun a small web developing  business that is beginning to grow.  These aren’t only unique additions but side hustles show that you are a hardworking, determined character.  Moreover, they help you build confidence and security, especially if you’ve always been an employee and have never worked for yourself.   Not every candidate is going to spend their spare time grafting away, so when you do, it really does speak loud to potential employers.

  • Boosts productivity and skills

It’s so easy to head straight to the sofa and binge-watch on Netflix after a long day at work.  Eventually, though, you will feel unproductive and will realise that you haven’t been reaching out to try new experiences.  Maintaining a side hustle keeps your mind sharp, creative, and it encourages you to master new skills outside of the workplace.  Indeed, a side hustle means that you can challenge yourself outside of work, especially if you’re beginning to feel stagnant at your day job.  Building a skill set outside of work not only proves initiative to your boss, but they can also be transferable to your next job or to your side hustle.  Some beneficial skills I have taught myself whilst starting this blog include:  search engine optimisation (SEO), E-mail marketing, social media and affliiate marketing and web design.


  • Extra money in the bank and having fun at the same time!

This one is pretty self-explanatory.  Although they won’t make you millions straight away, if you keep plugging away, you will soon find some extra regular income coming your way.  Moreover, having a side hustle offers you a cushion to fall back on in case you lose your job.  In this day and age, you can never rely on one source of income.

  • A boost to your sense of wellbeing

This directly relates to the first point.  Living your passion is going to make you feel more alive and energised, not to mention giving you a higher of purpose and well-being.

So where do you start? Perhaps start off by listing all your passions that lay outside of work.  For me, they were investing, keeping fit, plus I’ve always wanted to serve my country.  Then make a list of things that you are good at.  If you like keeping fit and are good at helping others, why not become a personal trainer?  If you work in IT and love web design, you could become a freelance web developer.  The choices are endless.  What have you got to lose?

What side hustles are you thinking of pursuing?  Leave your comments below!