A 4 Step Guide to Sticking To Your Resolutions


How many times have you actually followed through on your resolutions?  The fact is, most of us don’t stick to our resolutions and as a result, we end up keeping our old bad habits that we know we need to change!  So why is it the case that almost 90 percent of resolutions we end up failing to keep?  This is in part because our resolutions are too broad.  ‘I need to stop drinking’.  Well what, how and when?!  ‘I need to get in shape’.  And how exactly are you going to do that?!  You need to clearly define your goals, how you are going to achieve them and by what time period.

The main reason why we fail is that our bad habits are usually the things we do without thinking-in other words, we are on autopilot.  In order to break these habits, you need to be fully aware of your actions, and this requires a great deal of willpower and mental energy.  In other words, you need to declare war on your autopilot in order to take a step forward towards self-improvement.

One solution to break bad habits would be to introduce micro resolutions, which break big goals into smaller, more tangible goals that you can implement into your daily life.  For example, instead of just eating less, you may want to ‘just say no’ to that extra cookie or chocolate snack which you crave on a daily basis.  With this type of resolution, there are no loopholes or excuses, plus you can see the results immediately.  And once you have implemented this micro resolution a few times, this new habit would eventually go on autopilot and then you can start to make more micro resolutions.

Why wait till the New Year to start your resolutions?  The best time implement change is now!

To sum up, clearly define your goals, declare war on your bad habits by introducing micro resolutions and start now!

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