How to push your health and fitness goals forward into the new year


Let’s face it:  You’re not as fit as you’d like to be.  But that doesn’t mean you should just give up! The first step is learning what you should improve on.  Do you not do enough exercise?  Do you eat too many processed foods, drink too much alcohol, or smoke too much?  It is these kind of bad habits that lead to chronic inflammation and damage to your body.

Before deciding to implement a new training regime, it is important to go for a check-up at the doctor’s first if you haven’t done so in a while in order to identify potential problem areas.  Following this, you need to create a long term plan.  What are your health goals?  Do you want to lose a specific amount of weight, get fit enough to run a marathon or to stop eating junk food altogether?  Define these goals and break them down into smaller tasks such as eating a certain amount of vegetables or exercising for an hour every day.  And don’t forget to measure these goals to stay on track!

Once you’ve established a healthy exercise and healthy eating regime, it’s time to stat expanding your routine.  You’ll probably want to increase both your strength and lung capacity by combining strength training along with aerobic and high intensity interval training.  Try and incorporate this as part of a regular routine and push yourself to new goals.  But we’re not finished yet!  The next stage is about making healthy living a lifestyle habit.

If you’ve come this far, your body is performing better than ever.  This is when you are ready to kick things up another notch.  For example, you can apply more advanced techniques such as high intensity interval training for example or high altitude training. However, just make sure you allow your body to recover.  You won’t get fitter unless your body can restore itself regularly, and that’s where you would need to change your lifestyle as well, such as getting enough sleep.

To wrap it up:

Unhealthy eating and poor training will wreck our bodies and brains.  You can change this situation not only through more training, but through a radical reboot of your body.  What should you improve on in terms of your health?  Set yourself long term goals based on this, and then break these down into smaller micro goals.  Once these goals are met, set up more challenging goals, then make this a lifestyle habit.    Only then can you enhance your health and performance and push on to the highest levels of achievement.  Take action!

What are your health and fitness goals going into the new year?

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