Welcome to today’s post, 2 months into starting my blog and I’m loving it!  It’s time to reflect on my January 2018 goals, plus looking ahead into February.

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January 2018 goals:

  • Develop a daily journal habit-win! I’ve been doing this every morning and night as a way to channel my thoughts, reflect as well as to plan my week ahead in addition to practicing daily gratitude. Gratitude is a powerful emotion and by starting your day in a state of gratitude, your day ahead will unfold in a positive state of well being.  When I practice this habit, I am grateful for the the simple things, as well as new possibilities, opportunities and connections.   I like to journal via my Daily Greatness Journal that I purchased for Christmas.  Not only is this journal undated, but it’s also a place where you can channel your daily thoughts, hopes, goals and desires.  You can purchase your own copy if you wish, and if you use my referral link here, you can get 5% off the purchase price!
  • Get more sleep-fail! I’ve been averaging about 5-6 hours a sleep a night instead of the usual 7 hours.  This month has been very busy with my full time work as well as trying to fit in my blog.
  • Limit junk food to twice a week-win! I firmly believe in keeping a healthy, clean and balanced diet but that also means letting go every now and then.  More recently, I’ve started to cook and plan my meals for the week to save time, money and really focus on what I’m consuming.
  • Develop a daily exercise routine (with the exception of Sunday)-win! I’ve always made it a daily habit to do some sort of exercise in the morning to start my day. December has been a bit sporadic but I’m now fully into the routine again this year.  My current training routine consists of heavy resistance training 4 times a week, cardio 2 times a week and a circuit session mid week and on Saturday.
  • Look at Pinterest to drive more traffic to my blog to 1000 views a month-win!  Pinterest has definitely been a game changer for my blog in terms of driving traffic, I now have over 2000 views a month-it may not seem a lot to more established bloggers but it means a lot to me!  I’ve found that the key here is to join as many group boards as you can as well as regular pinning of your posts-I like to you Tailwind-you can try it here for free.
  • Look at ways to monetize my website-win! I officially got my first affiliate sale on Mythemepress!  Yes , can you actually make money through blogging, and one of the many ways to do it is via affiliate marketing.  I learnt this idea from Michelle Gardner at Making Sense of Cents, who makes around $100,000 in affiliate marketing alone on her personal finance blog!  She also has a fantastic course on how to generate income through your blog via affiliate marketing  You can check it out here…
  • Learn about SEO-win! SEO is a very technical but essential topic when it comes to blogging in order to generate more interest to my site.  The course that I am studying at the moment is called the Complete Digital Marketing Course which also includes topics on optimizing  social media-you can order your copy here. 
  • Continue progressing with the sports podcast-win!
  • Start to implement a strategy to pay off my one and only debt-my mortgage-win! I’ve recently been approved for a mortgage on my first property and I plan to earn extra income via my online teaching and other side hustles in order to pay this off as soon as possible.  With interest rates so low at the moment, this isn’t a main priority for me but still I plan to overpay on my monthly payments to save on the interest payments.
  • 500 Twitter followers, 300 Instagram followers, 100 Pinterest followers-fail, fail, win! I love social media however, I’m still trying to work out Twitter and Instagram.  In my opinion, I think these are mainly to get my blog out there-both these platforms don’t seem to generate a lot of traffic to my site in contrast to Pinterest which I’m killing this month!

Here are my February 2018 goals:

  • Practice daily meditation
  • Get more sleep
  • Fitness goals-run a 6 minute mile in 6 minutes: I am a Royal Navy Reservist and at my peak, I was able to run 2.4km in 9 minutes as part of our annual fitness tests.  My goal this month is to try and work my way up to that.  Slowly but surely!
  • Website traffic-2500 views a month
  • Self development-read one book a week, develop my knowledge further about affiliate marketing and SEO
  • Develop more ways to earn extra income outside of my day job

This month, I’ve also decided to generate a monthly income report from my side hustles to share with you readers as well as to track my progress.

  • Affiliate marketing-MyThemePress-£7: I officially made my first affiliate sale last month!  However, I am willing to accept that fact that generating sufficient income from your blog is a slow and hard process-most people don’t make sufficient income in their first year of blogging and I’m happy to accept that.  For me right now, it’s just going to be a learning process for much of 2018.
  • Teaching-£406: I have been teaching English online to Chinese students since June last year-it’s a side job that I love doing, the students are highly motivated, the work is flexible, and I can easily fit it around my day job!  If you are interested in teaching online, you can find out more information and apply here.
  • Royal Navy Reserves-£156: you may or may not know but I am a naval reservist and I absolutely love it! The work is fantastic, there are many training opportunities throughout the year and just like my teaching, the work is fully flexible.  If you are interested in joining the Navy Reserves, you can find out more information here.
  • Total: £563

What are your goals for February?  Please comment below!  Like this post?  Please feel free to share or post this on Facebook and Twitter or if you’d like to read it later, you can save it on Pinterest.

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