10 ways to increase your productivity and add more time to your day


Time precious, is your most valuable asset and once its lost, you can never get it back. Yet me are all guilty of wasting time and productivity on a daily basis.  We are all guilty of planning to get that work assignment or personal project done by the end of the day, only to end up on social media for the next few hours and getting nothing done that you’re supposed to!  Every day, your time is being taken away from you, minute by minute, hour by hour.  Do you find that you’re guilty of this on a regular basis?  This article shows you how to be more productive, add more activities to your day, get more done whilst being efficient at the same time.

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1) Focus on what matters-according to Paretos law, 80 percent of your outputs result from 20% of your inputs.  That means that 20% of our actions result in 80% of the results.  Therefore, in this case you must focus on things that matter to you the most to drive the 80% of the desired outcomes.  Maybe it’s the 20% of the time that you spend on your most important clients that generate the majority of your revenue, or perhaps you’re spending too much time on the clients that don’t’ really matter?  Find out what really matters in your business/career/personal life an d focus more on this.

2)  Implement the Pomodoro Technique-studies have shown that after a certain period of time, we tend to lose focus and productivity, which is where the Pomodoro Technique comes into play.  Set a timer on your watch or use egg,timer.com for 25 minutes and use this time to really focus on the task at hand-no distrations,  emails, Facebook, checking up on your social media-just focus purely on the task at hand.  Take a 5 minute break after 25 minutes because you simplycannot be working at optimum productivity for long periods of time.  Instead, you should shoot for working in short bursts to optimise your productivity using this Pomodoro Technique and take a longer break after 2 hours.  Indeed, the author Monica Leonelle found great success using the Pomodoro Technique.  By using this method, she was able to recharge during her breaks, maintain steady energy throughout the day and best of all, went from writing 650 words per hour to 3500!

3) Reward yourself for doing the right things-for me, that means going outside for a walk, listening to my favorite music after a quick burst of work or just quietly resting.  Weekend evenings, I’ll completely forget about my side hustles and just completely let my hair down-I’ll go catch a movie, spend some time with my friends and family or I’ll even go away for a long weekend every couple of months.  Life isn’t just about work-you definitely need some balance between work and play to get the most out of your productivity!

4) Do your feared things first-what daily activities do you fear the most as part of your daily regime?  Instead of procrastinating and putting it off for later in the day or not doing it at all-tackle these feared things first ting during the day.  I’m personally not a huge fan of exercise-hence my daily early morning exercise regime-at least I know I’ve got it out the way before I start my day to day work!  What things do you fear the most in your day to day activities?

5) Wake up earlier to start your day-there is a famous quote: ‘the early bird catches the worm’ and this is especially true in this respect.  Many of the world’s most successful people develop a daily habit of getting up early  to tackle the big day ahead. , By waking up early, you are able to get a head start to the day by reflecting, exercising, or spending time with your loved ones before tackling the big day ahead.  However, waking up early does not mean you have to sacrifice extra sleep.  Getting at least 7 to 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep is just as important.  I personally use the extra couple of hours to read, listen to one of my podcasts or head to the gym.  And don’t hit snooze because in doing so, you’re actually making it more difficult to make it a habit of getting out of bed on time.

6) Limit your social media time-don’t get me wrong there’s nothing wrong with the odd 2 minute cat or dog video to help brighten up your day, there are some positive aspects of using social media however, too much of a good thing can be detrimental to your health.   Studies have shown that spending more than 2 hours on social media on a daily basis would result in higher depression, poorer sleep and increased anxiety.  Try installing STAYFOCUSED and WASTE NO TIME into your web browser, where you can then block sites by a certain time of day, the amount of time or block them completely.

7) Plan your day ahead and jot down your thoughts using a daily journal-by jotting down to your thoughts and ideas on a daily journal as well as your day ahead, , this will help clear your mind and boost your productivity.  After all, writing down your thoughts helps you to hold onto them , helps to improve your memory and most importantly, it helps to maintain control over your schedule.  This is a habit that the Virgin founder Richard Branson swears by, and claims that he would have never built his business empire without his trustworthy notebook!  I like to jot down my ideas and thoughts into my Daily Greatness Journal, which I highly recommend, and if you purchase your Daily Greatness Journal online using my referral link here, you can get 5% off. Not only that, but if you are not 100% satisfied with your order, you can request a 100% money back guarantee within 14 days! Click here to buy now.

8) Layer your activities-I’m always a strong advocate of always striving to improve myself throughout self development books, audiobooks or podcasts, and what better way to layer these activities than listening to an audiobook or podcast whilst standing in line, traveling to work or doing chores around the house?

9) Exercise-I have always been a firm believer in daily exercise.  Whether its going for a daily walk, swim, bike ride or gym session, you need to get out there and get your body moving.   Daily exercise has its benefits-it keeps you fit and healthy, creates focus and self discipline, increases your life expectancy, and recent studies have shown that it also increases your productivity and focus.  The secret here is that isn’t about time, but more about maintaining focus and energy, and it’s a habit that Dan Miller, the New York Times best selling author swears by So make time in your day for a daily exercise regime.

10) Write down your goals each and every day– Set yourself smart goals, that is:

Specific: Do want to lose weight, tone up, or exercise more? Well how much weight, exercise/etc?! Many people fail to achieve their goals at the first hurdle due to them being too broad.

Measurable: In other words, you need to measure and write them down.  I like to write down my goals relating to my health, relationships and career etc. on my Daily Greatness Journal, which also enables me to break them down and track on a quarterly, monthly (which I then post on this site) and daily basis.  You can purchase your Daily Greatness Journal online, and if you purchase using my referral link here, you can get 5% off. Not only that, but if you are not 100% satisfied with your order, you can request a 100% money back guarantee within 14 days! Click here to buy now.

Achievable: Can your goals be achievable?

Realistic: I want to increase my net income by 50% is realistic.  I want to become a zillionaire by 2019 is not.

Time: What is your time frame for your goals? I personally like to set them on a yearly basis then break them down further into micro goals or resolutions on a quarterly, monthly and weekly basis. At this point, I get very specific.  You can see my January goals here for example.

11) Just say no-sometimes you just have to say no.  When it comes to doing your day to day activities, sometimes you just have to be firm and just say no.  Being a ‘yes’ person and saying yes to everything that gets dumped onto you would just lead to an increasing work overload, stress and eventually burnout.  Learn to just say no to stop people dumping their garbage onto you.  As the great Warren Buffet once said:  ‘the difference between successful people and very successful people is that very successful people say no to almost everything.

12) Love what you do-ultimately, if you love what you do, you’re going to increase your productivity!

13) Just start-quite often, getting started is the hardest part, but once you get going, yo’ll find that you can go on for hours.

14) Automate your bills, expenses and savings-this will save you time, money (by preventing late fees and interest costs).

15) Batch similar tasks together-such as emails, blog posts, social media scheduling-you’ll save time by batching similar tasks into one session.

What methods do you implement to increase your daily productivity?

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