March goals, plus a look back on February 18


3 months into starting my blog and its gone so quick!  Time to reflect on my February 2018 goals, plus looking ahead into March.

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Here are my February 2018 goals:

  • Practice daily meditation-win!  I try and set aside about 10 minutes 2 or 3 times a day just to mediate, clear my head, recompose and recharge myself for the day ahead.  Indeed, practicing daily meditation has its many benefits, including stress relief, mindfulness, better focus, sleep and productivity.  I personally use Headspace, you can check it out here.
  • Get more sleep-win!  I’ve definitely been getting more sleep this month, and its certainly helped me in terms of better health, mood and general wellbeing.  I personally use the the Sleep Cycle app which is great because it tracks your seep patterns and wakes you up gradually during light sleep and thus, feels like waking up naturally.  You can download the app here.
  • Fitness goals-run a 6 minute mile in 6 minutes: I am a Royal Navy Reservist and at my peak, I was able to run 2.4km in just under 9 minutes as part of our annual fitness tests.  My goal this month is to try and work my way up to that-win!  I can now fairly comfortably do a 6 minute mile pace in 6 minutes-my goal next month is to add 30 seconds.  Its all about the marginal gains!
  • Website traffic-2500 views a month-fail!  This is something I’ve really neglected this month so I will revisit my social media strategy (which has generated the majority of my views).
  • 500 Twitter followers, 300 Instagram followers, 200 Facebook followers, 500 Pinterest followers-win, fail, fail, win! Social media has been really great for me this month however, I’m still trying to work out Instagram.  I’ve found that Twitter has been great in terms of engagement, but Pinterest has been a real game changer for me. I use   In my opinion, I think these are mainly to get my blog out there-both these platforms don’t seem to generate a lot of traffic to my site in contrast to Pinterest which I’m killing this month!  I’ve managed to average about 70 new followers a week by using a combination of manual pinning, scheduling via Tailwind and contributing on Pinterest Group Boards regularly.  Try Taiwind on here for free.
  • Self development-read one book a week, develop my knowledge further about affiliate marketing and SEO-win!  I believe that the best investment you can make is in yourself, and what better way to do it than by reading!  I indulge in at least one book a week whether its a hard copy, via Blinkist (you can start your free trail here) or on my Audiobook.
  • Develop more ways to earn extra income outside of my day job-win!  Besides making a little money from my blog via affiliate marketing, I’ve also gained some extra income teaching, doing some more work with the Royal Navy Reserves and now some freelance work doing some content and social media marketing for a few clients!  I definitely would not have got these side gigs if it wasn’t for starting my blog as well as taking the Making Money Marketing Course which in turn, has taught me how to use my blog as a portfolio to acquire clients and fulfill their web content and marketing needs. Its an absolutely fantastic course, easy to understand, and is split into 6 simple to understand modules, including  a general introduction, local SEO strategies freelance writing, managing social media and client acquisition and sales.  You can purchase your copy of the course here.

March goals:

  • Try and consistently get 7 hours of sleep a night
  • 6 minute mile pace for 6.5 minutes.
  • Have a more balanced lifestyle.
  • 3 days volunteering with the Navy Reserves.
  • Actively promote more blog content on social media to drive traffic to my site.
  • 1000 Twitter followers, 300 Facebook likes, 1000 Pinterest followers.
  • 2500 monthly page views.
  • Set up an email landing page and regular email campaign.

Below is the February monthly income report from my side hustles I’d like to share with you, as well as to monitor my progress.

  • Affiliate marketing-£4.  OK I’m not ready to quit my day job yet but slowly but surely!
  • Teaching-£392. I have been teaching English online to Chinese students since June last year-it’s a side job that I love doing, the students are highly motivated, the work is flexible, and I can easily fit it around my day job!  I teach via TutorABC, and if you are interested in teaching online via them, you can find out more information and apply here.
  • Royal Navy Reserves-£146: you may or may not know but I am a naval reservist and I absolutely love it! The work is fantastic, there are many training opportunities throughout the year and just like my teaching, the work is fully flexible.  This month, I worked for a few days trying to promote and recruit new members during an open day as well as in a careers fair.  If you are interested in joining the Navy Reserves, you can find out more information here.
  • Freelance marketing jobs-£470.  Using the skills and knowledge gained from my blog as well as via the Making Money Marketing Course, I was able to secure a couple of clients and help them with their content creation and marketing needs.  If you are an aspiring blogger and wish to develop your skills to start your own marketing agency alongside this, then I would definitely recommend that you purchase this course!  Click here to enrol now.
  • Total: £1012

What are your goals for March?  Please comment below!

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